Being the most expansive of the Canary Islands, Tenerife presents an almost triangular outline when viewed from above; it’s defining peak of Mount Teide a beacon to all who approach.

Arriving in Tenerife, whether by sea or by air, Mount Teide’s magnificent presence welcomes all to these spectacular shores, and for many, that alone makes their arrival worth the wait! The historic furrows which trail from Mount Teide’s peak all the way to the sea level serve to define the island even more.

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Culture and


Tenerife is an island with strong cultural values, many popular “fiestas”, its own independent traditions and a rich variety of local gastronomic delights.

There is something to celebrate here almost every single day. National holidays, Canarian holidays, even local holidays, combined with various carnivals, not to mention the traditional celebrations at Easter and Christmas, offer a colourful cultural folklore to enjoy no matter what the season!

Santa Cruz, the islands capital, receives visitors from all over the world for its internationally proclaimed carnivals, usually celebrated during the months of February and March.

A unique natural beauty


With inspiring colours, vast fields of dried lava, exotic flowers, many creatures endemic to the Canary Islands and one of the clearest skies on the planet, every moment here is filled with a sense of inner peace, personal freedom and magic moments in forgotten rural areas, untouched by the hand of man.

Often referred to as the Island of Eternal Spring, the largest island of the Canarian archipelago is the place to enjoy your favourite holidays. With an annual average of 23 degrees Tenerife offers an amazing year-round venue for a plethora of sports and activities, while conversely allowing one to simply sit back and soak in the opulence of one’s surroundings.

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de la Cruz


Puerto de la Cruz, situated at the foot of the Orotava valley, was an important port in ancient times and has now evolved to one of the most-visited areas of the island. Puerto de la Cruz has a large assortment of high quality, good value bars,the Carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife are festivities of International touristic interest and are celebrated between February/March, restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels to enjoy. Also to note is that the already-impressive Mount Teide appears even more beautiful when viewed from Puerto de la Cruz.

Historically, Puerto de la Cruz was the first tourist destination on the island, long before the birth of the cheap and cheerful southern resorts of the island. To this day, Puerto de la Cruz is still incredibly popular with tourists, and no visit is complete without experiencing the magnificent pools known as the Piscinas Lago Martianez, designed by the famous Cesar Manrique of Lanzarote..